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The Cruise Offers Deals Pages display Cruise Line advertised promotions. Promotions will run for a limited time and cannot be backdated. During the promotional period, fares can alter, however the bonuses remain the same, unless otherwise stated. Fares on these page are updated every 24 hours. The fare listed will be the lowest fare available at time of upload, and may not combine with all promotions on offer. For accurate live fares 24/7 please use the Cruise Search tab on all the Cruise Offers deals pages.

What Fares Are Displayed?

Cruise lines have numerous promotions running simultaneously which can be confusing. So what is it you are seeing online? Our website will source the lowest price currently available. For example, P&O have a three tier fare structure, GO FARE - The ‘just go’ no frills fare, VALUE FARE - Value adds and flexibility and VALUE PLUS - Same as the Value Fare, plus includes Beverage Package for the first two guests in room, Wi-Fi Package (250 MB) for the first two guests in room. Our website will show the Go Fare as it is the lowest in cost. However, we can still offer the Value and the Value Plus, you just need to contact us for fares and availability.

This is the same with all other cruise lines, our website will show the lowest price, but we might be able to offer a different fare which suits you better. Please feel free to contact us on 1800 616 434, selecting option 3.

The best way to see accurate pricing is by using the cruise search function on our home page. The cruise search results will show a summary of categories with an indication of pricing per person. To see the current costs and cabin availability, click More details. You have now accessed information direct from cruise line’s reservation system. All categories available will appear, click Book Now to view the staterooms available.

Once a cabin has been selected a Booking Summary will display the final price along with any on board credit which may be applicable to this fare. If a promotion or benefit should be attached to your booking and is not showing, please call us on 1800 616 434 and we will confirm for you. Past Passenger promotions or other benefits may not display, so please call us to get these promotions added prior to booking.